Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Decor

In anticipation of K's five year-old nephew, we purchased our first real Christmas tree this year—not the little rosemary bush we've been getting in the past. Since we didn't have much more than one set of gold ball ornaments, I decided to be resourceful and make them with origami paper and fishing wire. I've had a stash of origami paper for many years, along with origami books, so I was set. I made some teardrops and various animals. I'm enlisting the nephew to help with the rest over the weekend. The white globs are flowers made of tissue paper. I had them already on hand from last year's holiday wreath. And, the bow and ribbons on the tree are made of brown paper and a bit of Christmas wrapping paper mainly because we had plenty around.

To make the story of Santa Claus even more convincing for the little guy, I created a fake fireplace out of cardboard, brown paper, and masking tape. I was going to leave it bare, but decided to paint it with a sponge at the last minute. I'm not so sure I love the color (green), but it'll do. To save some paint, I wrapped a black garbage bag around a piece of cardboard for the the backdrop. The fake firelogs were made with scrap copy paper and black markers; the fire, made of tissue paper.

How to hang the stocking on a cardboard fireplace came to me while waiting for the train on a subway platform. The trick is to tie it to a heavy slim book, so that it can fit behind the fireplace and provide the proper weight to balance the weight of the stocking and any of its contents. To my surprise, it worked quite well. (Just writing this down here so I remember to do it again in the future.)

Well, I hope you all enjoy this long holiday weekend.

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