Saturday, August 4, 2012


As soon as you step off the ferry at Positano, this is what you see—colorful buildings neatly stacked along the cliffs, all facing the sea. We were fortunate to hold our gaze at the cityscape until sunset at Ristorante Bruno. Perched above the city center, you get one of the best views an eatery can offer. In return, you share the sidewalk with pedestrians, as the tables outside are across the street from the restaurant.

The food here was solid; it was definitely not compromised and the prices were fair. We had scialatielli with seafood, gnocchi with eggplant and seafood, ravioli filled with rocket and local cheese, grilled cheese on a bed of lemon leaves, grilled shrimp and squid, raw seabass and boiled potatoes, and marinated filet of fish with oranges. The latter was like an Italian ceviche, perfect for a summery day. I couldn't stop picking at it.

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