Saturday, July 28, 2012

Napoli, Ischia, and the Amalfi Coast

K and I recently returned from Italy. We were in Napoli, Ischia, and the Amalfi Coast for eight full days with his family, taking in gorgeous views, like the one in Conca dei Marini, and eating regional Italian food. The area is known for their fresh seafood, Neapolitan pizza, and giant lemons—as large as a cantaloupe! So, stick to their specialties and you'll be pleased. DO NOT order a steak or chicken, as we regrettably did. As someone who doesn't eat much seafood, I have to admit that it was challenging at times, especially because all the places serve the same Italian dishes. Coming from New York City, where we eat different cuisines each day, I found this to be very odd. However, they offer plenty of delicious eggplant and zucchini dishes and the seafood is prepared so well, you just have to try it!

Please pardon the photo; it was taken with my phone, not one of K's super duper cameras. This was the best image representing the Amalfi Coast sans people. 

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