Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ristorante Lo Smeraldino

We couldn't have selected a better restaurant to have our first dinner in Amalfi. Ristorante Lo Smeraldino, not only had the best pizza in Amalfi, but the best view. The restaurant was located within steps of our hotel, in the marina. This night shot wasn't taken from the restaurant, but the view was very similar.

K's sister really liked the pizza here because of the crust. She's a huge fan of New York-style pizza and their crust resembled that most.

Obviously, there was more seafood. Presentation was much nicer than some of the other places too. One dish that we did not see too often was squid ink pasta. This place had a squid ink risotto, which was very good and a nice change.

The desserts were also fabulous. We had tiramisu and delizie al limone (lemon delight), a regional dessert filled with the lemon-based liqueur, limoncello. Neither were too sweet and very light.

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