Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trattoria Bar "Il Tari"

Trattoria Bar "Il Tari" in Amalfi was recommended to us by the hotel. It had a more expansive menu than the others, including dishes like the squid stuffed with breadcrumbs, capers, and olives. Unable to turn down anything with breadcrumbs, capers, or olives, I was even able to enjoy this. The stuffed peppers with cheese and olives was tasty too. Rather than using fresh peppers, they used marinated peppers which made it better than I had imagined. The breadsticks were even worth mentioning. I know most people don't rave about breadsticks, except those from The Olive Garden. But, these were honestly the best breadsticks I've ever had, probably because they were handmade. And lastly, the wine worth jotting down: Ravello Russo "Selva delle Monache" from Costa d'Amalfi. I don't drink too often, and when I do, it's usually beer. However, K's dad needed someone to share a bottle as everyone else in the family hardly drinks. With wine this good, I had no problem helping.

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