Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Pizza in Italy

Upon arrival in Napoli, we took the bus straight to Molo Beverello Port to get our first taste of real Neapolitan pizza at Antica Brandi Pizzeria. This is where Margherita pizza was invented, in 1889. Since Margherita pizza is one of our favorites, we had to try theirs. Our first thought was that we've had better pizza in Brooklyn. No joke! (From this trip, we learned that we have really, really good pizza here.) Theirs was quite salty and the cheese was lumpy. However, it did have a nice char and the crust was chewy. Overall, it was good, but we just expected more from this place.   

In addition to the Margherita pizza, we ordered the one above, which came with four different toppings: mushrooms, prosciutto, baby clams, and cheese. I loved how they placed bread between each topping to truly separate them. And, I found it interesting that they threw in the entire clam, shell and all.

Despite our disappointment, we enjoyed dining al fresco, serenaded by a band, among the other tourists. After being on a plane for eight hours, it was nice to finally be outside, in Italy, and eat real food.

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